Huawei AX3 Pro router upgrade with a dual-core Qualcomm chip

Huawei AX3 Pro router upgrade with a dual-core Qualcomm chip. Huawei has released a new version of the notably popular ax3 seasoned router. The router was first released in March last year along with the ax3 router in march ultimate year and has been a hot-promoting product. The new edition utilizes a Qualcomm chipset instead of the Kirin chipset on last yr’s version.


The Huawei ax3 pro wireless router from ultimate year featured a 1.4ghz quad-middle kirin w650 chip however this new edition might be powered with the aid of a twin-centre Qualcomm chip with a 1ghz clock frequency. Whereas the remaining 12 months’ version has the model quantity ws7200, this version comes with the model wide variety ws7206. Apart from the new Qualcomm processor onboard, the new ax3 seasoned nonetheless retains the design and specs of the previous model.

Huawei AX3 Pro router upgrade with a dual-core Qualcomm chip, coming Soon

This consists of a four-antenna layout with an unbiased amplifying chip. The 2.4ghz chip has an amplifying parameter of 27db, and the 5ghz band parameter is 23.5db. In phrases of the specs, the router helps 1024qam modulation, 160mhz bandwidth, 2.5ghz rate 574mbps, and 5ghz price 2402mbps. The product supports NFC characteristics and capabilities of huawei’s harmonious 2.


A cell telephone equipped with harmonious or android os can mechanically connect with wi-fi without getting into a password with the aid of touching the NFC place of ​​the router. The Huawei ax3 pro router supports Huawei’s one-touch networking, cellular acceleration, online lesson acceleration, faraway workplace acceleration, and child online safety. The brand new ax3 pro router is currently on sale on jingdong in china for 379 yuan (~$59).

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