How to unlock LG G8 ThinQ receiving Android 10 in the US

LG launched so many smartphones last year. All are performing almost well. The last smartphone was LG G8 ThinQ. They told us, LG G8 ThinQ comes with Android 10. How to unlock LG G8 ThinQ receiving Android 10 in the US?


LG G8 ThinQ released in South Korea in November. It was rolling out for the units lock to Sprint and Verizon’s networks in the US. Now, the rollout has expanded to the unlocked units of the G8 ThinQ in the States.

Unlock LG G8 ThinQ receiving Android 10

LG G8 ThinQ’s updated version number is G820QM20a. It weighs around 1.9GB in size. As we know that, a complete changelog of the release is currently unavailable.


The users reported that the version Andriod 10 is not working properly. So LG confirms to fix the bug immediately. And they also tell to come with the new update of LG G8 ThinQ. Many users want to know how to unlock LG G8 ThinQ receiving Android 10.

The new Android 10 update rolled out over the air. This phone will be a few weeks before it reaches all the LG G8 ThinQ units.

If you can’t wait for that update prompt to pop-up on your device, you can try checking it manually by heading to your phone’s Settings menu.


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