Google Duo goes out ‘Notes’ expiring text and doodles

The new generation experience is Google Duo. Google duo just continued to explore its features with the latest edition of “Notes” to Android’s built-in video messaging platform. It performers really well.


Google Duo goes out ‘Notes’ expiring text and doodles

Google duo always allows us to voice calls, video calls. We can send a recorded message of either voice or video to our receivers. At a time, Google realized that it may not always be the right time to hear messages. For this reason, it is launching a new feature called “Notes”.

By using this we can experience our latest upcoming features. We can make thought about Duo by using these features.

The computer is the most wonderful technology of modern science. The duo is an ultra-modern electronic device of modern technology. It can solve many complicated problems within a short time. It works on the commands given by the operator.

Google Duo doodles

The duo goes out, it called ‘Notes’

A new tab appears along the bottom called “Notes” which is on under the recording menu. You can type out messages in a Stories-like canvas. Then you can doodle or draw on before sending it to your recipient. It is more like voice and video, Notes expire after 24 hours.


Google is actively working to expand its features. Not so far, it can be used for calling your friends. No more today. Thanks for being with us. We are coming up next with another post.

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