Google applies for license to for continuing their business with Huawei

A few months ago, Google declared that they don’t want to work with Huawei. For this reason, Google canceled the license between them. As a new report, we heard about a piece of shocking news. Now Google applies for re-license to work.


Google applies for a license to continue its business with Huawei. Since May 2019 Huawei lacks all access to the US and US-related tech. It was such bad news for Huawei. But now Google confirmed by a report, they want to work again with Huawei.

Google applies for re-license to work with Huawei

If Google is granting a similar exemption then Huawei can immediately update its devices. Huawei could use Google products such as – Google Maps, Apps, Playstore, Photos, Gmail and YouTube, etc. They can use all Google products on their smartphones. It might be amazing again not only Huawei but also for Google.


Huawei has its own HMS (Huawei Mobile Services) as an alternative of GMS. HMS is still quite limited and not a full-fledged substitute for GMS. Very few of Huawei users have reported, they are facing to sideloading GMS on Huawei mobile. Google applies for re-license to work with Huawei. Thanks for being with us. We are coming soon with another update. Till then be happy and stay tuned with us.

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