Gmail can allow you to attach emails to emails

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Everybody knows that Gmail is a part of the service of Google. We heard that Gmail is coming up with a new feature. And it’s going to be an interesting one. Nowadays the email service will let you attach emails to other emails. You don’t need to download them first. You can put it on as normal.

First of all, you need to drag and drop one or more emails into the Compose window and hit it. You can see the magic happen.


The alternative step is you can select one or more emails from the conversation view. Using the three-dot menu button select “Forward as Attachment“.

Google Mail (Gmail)

It sounds a bit out there. Don’t worry there is a solution, where attaching emails makes more sense than forwarding separate emails. And it says if you want to forward multiple messages which relate to a single topic.

Gmail Forward as attachment

If you attach an email, the whole lot of its oral conversation read (and stacking) is going to be preserve, creating it a lot easier to follow by a 3rd party than if you’d merely forward all of its components, one by one.

Sending emails as attachments conjointly enables you to write an outline message to your recipients, browsey|making ready} them for what they are near to read.


The attachments are often open directly in their mail shopper of alternative, as each connected email becomes a file with the “.eml” extension.

The feature will be rolling out starting today and until January 21, at which point everyone should have it.

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