Galaxy S21’s ultrawide unit leaks confirmed by AF

Hey, guys today we have another leak about the Galaxy S21. This leak unveiled its ultrawide camera, which until now has been vaguely mentioned in leaks. And by the looks of it, we have high hopes of the ultrawide snapper.


Concept of leak

  • Galaxy S21’s 12MP ultrawide camera.
  • The Sony IMX563 sensor used in the ultrawide units.
  • This ultrawide unit will offer a 123-degree field of view.

According to solid Samsung tipster, Ice Universe, all three phones from the Galaxy S21 family will use the same Sony IMX563 sensor for their ultrawide units. It supports dual phase detection autofocus, features 12MP resolution and 1.4µm pixels, and is 1/2.55″ big. It’s similar to the one found on the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G but adds the AF bit.

Samsung Galaxy S21 colors
Samsung Galaxy S21 colors

The leakster also adds that the lens paired with the said sensor will offer a 123-degree field of view, which is wider than the S20’s 120-degree FoV. And since there’s going to be AF involved, it’s safe to assume that the macro photography will be possible. After all, most OEMs that put AF on their ultrawide units use it for macro shots instead of slapping a dedicated macro camera.


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