Galaxy S-series is still in a debate to use Snapdragon 875 or Exynos 2100

Dear friends, let’s know something about blasting news. Samsung Galaxy S21 line up may arrive in January. But there is still a debate about using Qualcomm 785 chipset or Exynos 2100 chipset. This option comes with Qualcomm platform appeared geek bench. And already it has been scored 3,319 multi-core scores. expert saying, it’s not all, the Exynos 2100 version will reach at 4000 soon.


Qualcomm offered to be better than the past in the Galaxy S series lineup which is available in China, South Korea, and the US. That is disappointing to the Exynos users.

However, Some significant leaks indicate a Greater performance Of Exynos 2100. The Exynos 2100′ CPU will outperform the Snapdragon 875’s processor across the board. The two chipsets will have identical CPU architecture but the prime X1 core will reach 2.91 GHz in the Exynos 2100 while staying at 2.84 GHz in the SD875. The trio of Cortex-A78 units will differ even more significantly – 2.81 GHz vs 2.42 GHz.

Samsung Galaxy S21 multi-core score

The four power-efficient Cortex-A55 cores will reach 1.8 GHz in SD875 versus 2.21 GHz in the Exynos. That will help Exynos chipset to be scored about 4000.

But till now there hasn’t any proof to analyze the CPU of the Galaxy S21 series. if you get the best Processor but you used it rackless it will be harmed. We will able to know about this matter after two months.


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