Fitbit devices will require a Google account from 2023 onwards

Fitbit devices will require a Google account from 2023 onwards. Fitbit was bought by Google last year, and the company was renamed “Fitbit by Google,” yet Fitbit continued to produce wearables as it had before the acquisition.


Customers may now utilize Fitbit accounts to purchase new products and services, but starting in 2023, things will change. After Google accounts are introduced to Fitbit in 2023, “certain uses of Fitbit will need a Google account, including to register for Fitbit or activate newly announced Fitbit devices and features,” according to an update to the company’s help website.

Fitbit devices will require a Google account from 2023 onwards.

However, existing Fitbit customers will have the choice to either transfer their Fitbit data to their Google accounts after the launch or continue using the Fitbit devices and services with the Fitbit accounts as long as they are supported, which will be at least until the beginning of 2025.


According to Fitbit, various advantages for Fitbit customers will be supported by Google accounts on Fitbit, including a single login for Fitbit and other Google services, industry-leading account security, centralized privacy settings for Fitbit user data, and adding Google features on Fitbit.

Suppose you are worried about giving Google access to your fitness information. In that case, you should know that Google will uphold the legally binding agreements it made with international authorities to finalize the purchase of Fitbit so that it won’t utilize Fitbit’s health and wellness data for Google Ads. For further information, see the source link provided below.

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