Apple MagSafe Duo charger isn’t performing as equal as expectation

In October Apple already released its Magsafe compatible accessories. Also, it introduced its outstanding gadget, The Magsafe duo charger that can charge both iPhone and Apple watch.


Now the authority listed the components of its on its website. The news isn’t great though – its charging speeds only reach 14W though, which is lower than the single MagSafe 15W charger.

The $129 accessory ships with no power brick – there’s only USB-C to Lightning cable in the box. It’s bad news too. You have to buy the 20W USB-C power adapter separately. And from it, you can only get 11W Fast charging.


Calculative you can get a 14W wireless charger for one phone and one smartwatch for $178.On the other hand, the single MagSafe charger costs $39 and works with the $20 20W USB-C adapter.


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