Apple issues revenue warning due to slowdown in China’s Coronavirus

There are so many iPhone manufacturing factories in China. Apple issues revenue warning due to slowdown in China. In the last few months, China affected by Coronavirus. For this reason, iPhone manufacturing factories are working slowly.


From January Apple posted an update to its quarterly guidance to investors. Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, iPhone manufacturing factories are working slower than usual.

Apple is the most profitable smartphone maker company all over the world. It gains so much love from the people shortly. Their performance, design, quality is better than others.


Apple issues revenue warning due to slowdown in China’s Coronavirus

The factories have re-open but are yet to build up production to satisfy Apple’s projected iPhone shipments. As a result, iPhone stock is going to affect, which incorporates all current models and certain the upcoming iPhone 9.

The letter also notes that Apple and partner stores are working limit hours and have received a limited number of consumers in China.

All of this suggests that Apple won’t meet its expected revenue for the March quarter and possibly beyond. However, Apple reassures that it’s “fundamentally strong” which this disruption to its business is merely temporary.

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