Apple iPhone 14 Pro achieves top DxOMark scores for selfie cam

Apple iPhone 14 Pro achieves top DxOMark scores for selfie camera and video performance. DxOMark’s camera tests reveal that Apple’s latest flagship, the iPhone 14 Pro, performs very well. Its total camera score of 146 put it in second place in DxOMark’s worldwide camera rating (just one point behind the Honor Magic4 Ultimate).


DxOMark ranks the iPhone 14 Pro as the second-best smartphone overall, and the 145-point score for its front-facing camera is the highest of any smartphone. DxOMark singled out the iPhone as having the best score in its new ‘Friends & Family’ use case because of how well it captures skin tones, how quickly it can take pictures owing to its zero-shutter-lag technology, how well it handles motion blur, and how well it renders facial contrast.

Moreover, the article compared the portrait mode of the iPhone 14 Pro to that of a DSLR due to the Pro’s more realistic bokeh effect. The iPhone 14 Pro is still the best smartphone for shooting video. All of its transitions are now more consistent, fluid, and easy to use. The autofocus tracking is dependable and precise, the stabilization is first-rate, and HDR recording provides plenty of contrast.


The Quad-Bayer image sensor that Apple has implemented provides excellent picture quality and performance. The viewfinder preview on the iPhone was also lauded for its closeness to the final processed picture. The only criticisms were the loss of detail and noise in indoor shots. The loss of detail is most noticeable in 3X photographs.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro achieves top DxOMark scores for selfie camera and video performance.

DxOMark has just released its results on the best selfie cameras. The iPhone 14 Pro’s Selfie Score of 145 is marginally better than the Huawei P50 Pro’s 144. The iPhone 14 Pro does better because of its quicker aperture and improved focusing feature. In addition, the 154-point selfie video had excellent exposure, color, and stability.

Images captured with the front-facing camera have excellent exposure, depth of field, and dynamic range. Particularly lauded are the portrait mode’s simulated bokeh, the attention to detail, and the accuracy of the skin tones.

The front-facing camera of the iPhone 14 Pro is criticized for producing grainy images, distorted video in most lighting circumstances, and inaccurate skin tones in low-light and backlit scenes. Read more about DxOMark’s research in the provided Source links. Check out our summaries of the new iPhone 14 models (14, 14 Pro, and 14 Pro Max) to better understand what we think overall.


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