Apple iPhone 12 rumors and truth things described here

Today I’m sharing with you some of Apple iPhone 12 rumors and truth. Many of the content creators are talking about the rumors and there are so many rumors in the market about the iPhone 12 series. Rumors have been circulating for years trying to highlight their own brand by creating a lot of speculation. But over the years, the rate of use of that technique has dropped dramatically. Today we will discuss a few rumors in this article. I hope you will read the post carefully.


There are a number of rumors in the market about the camera performance of the iPhone 12. Many people say that it is not a photo or sharp, smoothness is less. Again, many people have talked about batteries. However, no valid information has been found yet to prove their truth.

For a long time, every year, one or another model has been coming out on the iPhone. They are very fond of differences in their designs and features. Also many have liked him because of their overall performance. No company has come to the market yet.


Apple iPhone 12 rumors and truth things described here

We are very to be an iPhone user. It initially believed that only one or two iPhone 12 models would support mmWave 5G networks. Last month it was thought that only the 12 Pro Max would mmWave while reports way before that suggested that the Max and non-Max iPhone 12 Pro models would support the higher 5G frequencies. In the end, all four iPhone 12 models will support both sub-6Ghz and mmWave 5G connections.

Thanks for being patient. We are expecting the iPhone 12 Pro Max to have the most advance camera out of all the new models, but what we missed this year the newly updated telephoto camera on the Pro Max, which has updated to a 65mm lens up from the 11 Pro Max’s 52mm (2X) lens. No more today. We are coming up next with another post.

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