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Today, I am going to introduce a great device to you which is ultramodern. Apple had launched The iPhone 12 Pro. This device has come with a thrilling blast in the iPhone’s brand category. It has an improved speed than the S Models. This device also can skip the iPhone 11.


Dear friend, This device hasn’t attached only the improvement speed. There is a vast feature collection in the property of the iPhone 12 Pro. The device has come with a much upgrade. You can also enjoy an OLED screen on this device. which enriched the picture quality. This phone is also 5G supportable. So, it is also an improved communicative device. This phone have also a unique and absolutely new design.

Let’s know something about the legendary screen of this device. The new OLED screen contains much smaller bezels than before. The screen was also specific with a new magnetically attached Magsafe charging support. For these features, it displays contain huge light. so, It is one of the most lightening phones which you can buy.


Among the iPhone 12 series, all of them are designed with a new language format. This is why the device crossed over the S series iPhone this year. Truly, this design is not so new at all. Apple wants to memorize Its roots. So, why it returned the iconic of the iPhone series 4 and 5.Have we skip that??

Apple iPhone 12 in the Box
Apple iPhone 12 in the Box

The best feature of the iPhone 12 is that you can get a mini version at the lowest price without losing any single features.

Apple is not able to make anything without any controversial thing. The big argued matter is about its Packaging. The Phone packages are losing inner-box accessories. There haven’t any charger, no more ear-pods in the Box. You can get a USB cable in the cheap and thin box. We think that it’s not a big problem. It will be solved but it needs to take time.

There are also unique camera features in this device. Only iPhone 12 has the new exclusive software tricks including night mood on all cameras and Dolby vision video capturing.


Even, we see that the iPhone 11 was made of the hardest glass in the world. However, the iPhone 12 also broke this record. It is made much harder than before and is called ceramic solder which is made by corning. The iPhone 12 duo get’s aluminum frames instead of the Apple iPhone 12 pro pairs stainless Steel.

iPhone 12 Specifications & Reviews

Now, we are explaining the specs of the unique device. There are almost 12 specs on this device. We enlisted them here:

So guy’s let us described the specifications which are we include on the list

Apple iPhone 12 Back side
Apple iPhone 12 Back side


It has been seen that this device has an aluminum frame with a matte finish, there is a ceramic shield front of the oleophobic coating, glass back with a glossy finish, IP68 certified for water and dust resistance. There are almost five color options. They are Black, white, Green, Blue, and red. The dimensional measurement is 146.7×71.5×7.4 mm. This device is so easy to carry because it’s not heavy at all. It is only about 164 grams.


Guy’s here you can enjoy a Marvelous lighting and a big OLED screen. The larger screen is about 6.1 “. It has an XDR LED screen with a resolution of 1170 × 2532 pixels. It is also featured with 460 PPI, 600 night, and 120 Hz touch sensors. Also, HDR 10, Dolby Vision support, wide color gamut, and true tone. The display is included.


Apple A14 Bionic Chip (5nm), Hexa Core (2 × 3.1 GHz Firestorm + 4 × 1.8 GHz Ice Storm with 3.1 GHz Turbo Boost) Apple CPU 4 Core Apple GPU and 16-core Apple NPU 4-GEN. It has a proper active processor with these chipsets.

Apple iPhone 12 Front Display
Apple iPhone 12 Front Display


Apple provides 4GB RAM on it and 64/128/256 GB of internel storage.


You will get a Dual 12MP camera, 26mm maim wide-angle F/1.6, OIS, Dual Pixel AF,13 mm Ultrawide -angle F/2.4,120 degree field, or view dual-LED flash with slow sync, Night mode, Smart HDR 3 Deep fusion. All of these accessories keep the high quality of the picture.

Front/Selfie camera

The front camera also designed with a dual camera. Thes are-23mm 12MP F/2.2 front-facing camera with HDR mode+3D TOF camera, front cameras are also diversified with night mode, smart HDR3, Deep fusion. selfie camera’s video recording ability is about 2160p@60/30fps,1080p@30/60/120fps with a wider dynamic range and spatial sound, EIS.

Video recording

2160@60/30fps,1080@30/60/120/240fps video recording with a strong range and spatial sound, OIS+EIS, the Dolby vision mode also applicable only at 30fps.

Apple iPhone 12 camera app
Apple iPhone 12 camera app


Dual sim 5G/4G supportable; Wifi a/b/g/n/ac/6; Bluetooth 5.0; Lightning port, GPS connectivity with A-GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, QZSS, NFC, Apple u1 chip Ultra-wideband.


The battery is 2815 mAh, obviously, it is a low power based battery system, 20 W fast charging, 15 Qi wireless charging (MagSafe).


Face id through dedicated true depth camera, stereo speakers, Taptic engine

It is a surprising matter that the new iPhone doesn’t contain any previous features that we see in other iPhone edition. As for this topic, you can see that the 3.5mm jack and 3D Touch went well. Also, no changes were found at the top of the iOS file.

Price – Apple iPhone 12

When you think about buying a phone. The first matter that you get focused on your Budget. Also, you compared your selected device with other devices through the price. Obviously, it has to be said that Apple was so nice to keep the 2019 price. But it is not so simple at all, isn’t it? we described the matter of packaging of the Apple iPhone 12.

There you can see that authority Doesn’t give any charger or ear-pods with this phone. So, If you want to buy a charger or a pair of wired earphones you have to spend additional expenses. Generally, if you want to buy a charger you have to pay Additionally €25 for the 20W charger. And for the ear-pods, you have to spend €20. But These expenses are not so heavy to an iPhone Buyer.

Apple iPhone 12 Front Side
Apple iPhone 12 Front Side

Unboxing – Apple iPhone 12

At the end now I am telling you about the retail box…

Apple iPhone 12 pro appears with an ultra-slim and a gorgeous type in simple Box. In the box, iPhone 12 pro contains a USB-C-to-lightning cable.

By digging in the paper sleeve, you can find the sim injection pin, some paperwork which contains the user manual, and a single apple sticker. This is going to be axed soon.

Design and manufacturing

  1. Design
  2. Build
  3. Handling

Already we had seen an iPhone stand upright on its own.

This comfortable grip and flat frame had been missed by us, and we’ve been expecting a flat iPhone for a long time. Apple iPhone 12 has made our dream true. The iPhone 12 is finally here with its 4 sizes shape. This Device is a result of adding and mixing the best features of the iPhone 4 and 5 Series. This 12th iPhone generation phone has been stuffed with the latest and modern features. It also sprinkled with much-developed durability.

Let’s know something about it’s display formation.

With the following previous smartphones of Apple, The iPhone 12 is a dual glass device that has a metal frame. But maybe it’s displayed will be one of the lightest and updated flagship. Also, it’s formation becomes one of the toughest glass sandwich smartphones to date.

Friends, Apple has once again made a Partnership with corning to make the toughest glass which called a ceramic shield. Microscopic ceramic particles were added to it by the authors in last year’s formula. Because of that, the glass is getting stronger and is 4 times more stable than the scattering from the past.

Apple iPhone 12 Front and Back side
Apple iPhone 12 Front and Back side

The new ceramic shield covered the entire front. It has already represented amazing and impressive survivability in the drop tests. Which was promised by apple. The glass is also strengthened by ion for improved scratch-protection. It also comes with an oleophobic coating for enhanced smudge resistance.

Now, let’s go to discuss the back frame. Probably the back panel has been made by corning without using the new ceramic formula. So, Obviously, it is easier to broke than the front part. It’s worth comparing a gorilla glass, though, and we would say that’s par for the course.

So you can get a flat front, flat rear and a new flat frame. The iPhone 12 has a matte finish frame which is made with aluminum.

Now, I am upholding the color items to you. There have five colors available in the painting of this frame. They are- Black, Blue, Green, Red, or White. There are not any sharp edges on the frame the animation of the glass sides is incredibly smooth…

The two qualities, there have matt frames and glossy backs. From these qualities, one is made with frosted rear pannels and glossy steel frames.

The dust and water resistance ability of the Apple iPhone 12 is incredible. The matter is absolutely unseen. The iPhone 12 has an IP68-rating for dust and water resistance and as per The official abilities, You can survive in up to 6 meters deep water for about 30 minutes.

Apple iPhone 12 Wireless charging
Apple iPhone 12 Wireless charging

Guy’s are aware of its display quality??? If you don’t know this, I will tell you about that.

So, let’s start. The iPhone 12 Is incredibly lightweight. Hence, it is one of the toughest non-rugged phones out there. For making this possible we should praise and be satisfied with Apple.

Let’s take a look at the front now. The iPhone 12 appeared in front of us with a 6.1″ OLED screen of higher resolution. It contains many little bezels than the iPhone 11. The shore’s size remains still as same as the past. It is staying here for the next generations.

Many of us are a fan of slim and lighten device.iPhone 12 is a great example for these people who love the slim phone. The OLED screen Reduced it’s size a lot. The iPhone 11 was an LCD screen. After the transition of the screen in the iPhone 12, we can see a lot of changes between the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12. iPhone 12 becomes shorter nearly 5mm than the iPhone 11. It also becomes 4mm narrow and about 1 mm thin. That way the weight being less than 30g on Apple iPhone 12 than iPhone 11. Now the weight of the iPhone 11 is 164g

Apple iPhone 12 Face unlock
Apple iPhone 12 Face unlock

The new OLED screen has a higher resolution. Now it is making 460 PPI which was 326 PPI on the iPhone 11. The screen border also decreased by about 20% than the iPhone 11.

Here in the notch, it has a 12 MP selfie camera and also a structured light 3D camera. The earpiece which also doubles as a stereo speaker, Is Between two and the proximity sensor.

Now it’s the time to discuss the back cameras formation and placement. You will found a dual-camera set up on the back. This is made with matte square glass that jutting out no more than 1mm from the rear panel. The camera is a 12 MP ultrawide shooter and a 12 MP primary camera besides them there have also dual-LED flash and a stereo mic. Metal rings covered both snappers which are protected by sapphire glass. These metal accessories placed almost 1 mm higher than the squarish matt glass.

The desk isn’t wobbled so much by the entire camera piece, at least not as many of the most recent android phones or say the iPhone X.

Pro and Cons – Apple iPhone 12

Dear viewers, Read this passage carefully. Because it is a hazardous thing that I am writing now. Before that, I have a question for you.”Do you use your iPhone without its case?”

Apple iPhone 12 Back side
Apple iPhone 12 Back side

If your answer is “No”. Then I have a request for you. Please, please, and please never stack your iPhone or put your iPhone on another phone. It’s camera’s sapphire glass will scratch that phone or glass. it will be lost its beauty.

All of the accessories and chargers are MagSafe compatible with all-new iPhones. It is a great event of the iPhone which is specialized in its brand from other devices. For adding magnets and metal pieces behind the rear panel, you can now stick various magnetic cases, wallets, chargers, and many other things. Naturally, you can’t see the MagSafe parts from outside But it is sure that it works indefectibly with the MagSafe wireless charger.

You can’t find anything on the flat frame. But you can find the mouthpiece, the lightning port, and the other stereo speaker at the bottom part. The silver screws placed visually on the blue frame but we couldn’t see that.

The volume key, silencer, and nano-sim slot are on the left side of this phone and The power key is on the right side.

Some majors have learned about the chipping of paint on the aluminum frame of the iPhone 12. In 2012 the iPhone 5 was suffering from the same problem. But the next year the problem was solved. But till now there haven’t found any big problems to discuss on the iPhone 12. We are hoping that this will not be found in any major issue.

The Apple iPhone 12 is very comfortable and light to bear in hand. It fits in hand very has also a good grip which helps us to carry it.

Apple iPhone 12 Review & Rating


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