Apple accidentally reveals AirTags in one of its own videos

It reported that Apple was working on developing Bluetooth trackers. Its name was AirTag. Somebody told me it looks like the square Tile. How does it work? First of all, you need to tag anything in this Tile and the Tile will locate anything you tagged. Isn’t it a cool device? Apple accidentally reveals AirTags in one of its own videos.


In the last year’s news, we found some iOS 13 code by 9To5Mac. Apple was working on its own version of these Tile trackers such as – AirTags. Now, Apple accidentally leaks the AirTag’s existence. If you need to justify this news, you can search it on google or some other authentic website.

Apple accidentally reveals AirTags in one of its own videos

Don’t you know “How to erase your iPhone” – you can know it on Google? As the demonstration teaches how to disable Find My iPhone, an option called “Enable Offline Finding” reveals a description that mentions the AirTag.


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