Amazon now lets you register interest in the Google Pixel 7a

Amazon now lets you register interest in the Google Pixel 7a. The Pixel 7 series is on sale. Two Pixel phones remain in the rumor mill: the foldable phone, which could be true or not, fiction, and the other, “a” phone that is real.


The arrival of the Pixel 7 isn’t much further away from the truth, according to Amazon. Amazon has already let its customers subscribe to the announcement. It doesn’t say precisely when Pixel 7a will be unveiled, but it’s likely to be a short time. The Pixel 6a has been out since July, just a few months before the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro came out.

This means that it’s a highly new phone. However, Google has introduced a brand new Tensor chip, a fresh style for its “visor” camera, and a new design for the “a” phone shouldn’t be unnatural. There was a rumor that the 7a is scheduled for a release in 2023 which means we’re on the verge of a long wait.


Amazon now lets you register interest in the Google Pixel 7a.

Another rumor claimed that Google has already placed orders for more than 4 million copies of “a” smartphone, which they are likely confident in. We’ve heard about the Pixel 7a by code names. The Pixel 7 is “Panther,” and the seven Pro has the code name “Cheetah,” as is the 7. a “Felix.”

Suppose the tradition is true that the 7a will sport an enlarged display than the regular Pixel 7. In that case, it will have a resolution of 6.0-6.1″. It is important to remember that Amazon uses the term “Pixel 7a Family” as if several models exist.

The 5a and 6a come with 5G, so it’s not a 4G/5G issue. Are we still looking forward to the Pixel 7a or 7a XL? We can sign up and be patient for Amazon to provide some details regarding the Pixel 7a – it wouldn’t be the first time that the retailer has made pages available for phones, which were intended to be kept secret.


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