Xiaomi Redmi 9 Power is coming in India with a 6-128GB variant

The Xiaomi Redmi 9 Power debuted in India in December 2021 last year and almost immediately faced some confusion, as it clearly saw the company’s Poco M3 market share as strangely unknown.


The Redmi 9 Power is a re-branded Redmi Note 9 4G, with an additional 2MP macro camera thrown into the mix. Nevertheless, it has become essentially identical to the popular Poco M3 specs and has also been offered to some retailers at a slightly cheaper price in its base layers, while an additional 8MP ultraviolet snapper was offered.

Xiaomi is apparently looking to introduce a 6GB RAM variant of the Redmi 9 Power to the Indian market. Effectively shrinking the gap between it and the Poco M3 further still, since the latter already has 6GB modifications. For the Redmi 9 Power, though, 6GB will only be available alongside 128GB of storage, making this the highest tier Redmi 9 Power, with an alleged retail price of INR 12,999 ($180).


That would effectively make it a bit pricier than the 6GB/128GB variant of the Poco M3, though. At least at MSRP, which raises some practicality questions. Especially seeing how the particular 8MP ultrawide snapper on the Redmi 9 Power is hardly a major draw to merit such an upsell over the Poco M3.

The other specs may remain the same. It will launch in India soon, So, we will learn more in the coming days. Let’s wait for the upcoming leaks to confirm the specs.

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