Xiaomi patents dual-sided smartphones in 2020

Nowadays, Xiaomi is a big company. Xiaomi grew very well. It gains so much love from their consumer. Xiaomi gets an update with its users. It would launch new models earlier. Xiaomi patents dual-sided smartphones in 2020.


The WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) has published a new patent for two new Xiaomi smartphones. The folks over at LetsGoDigital have created mockup renders of the patents outlined in the patent submission.

Xiaomi patents dual-sided smartphones in 2020

It has two devices in the patent. Both dual-side smartphones with screens that wrap-around in different directions. The first one is a wrap-around screen akin to the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha Concept phone. 

patents dual-sided smartphones image

The main difference with that one is that the Mi Mix Alpha wraps around both vertical edges while the patent shows only one side that wraps around.

Another device has a display that wraps around in a different direction. Model “B” features a screen that wraps up and over the top horizontal edge of the handset. (Patents) This model’s backside has a hole-punch cut-out for a dual-camera setup.


It is the most useable phone at this time. Xiaomi launched so many latest models as far as I know. Itis growing very well.

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