Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha Releasing in India with 12GB RAM, 4050mAh Battery

Xiaomi’s popularity is increasing day by day. Xiaomi releases most of the products in India. Now it wants to launch Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha in the Indian market. As we know that Mi mix alpha has a 12GB RAM, 4050mAh Battery capacity.


Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha comes with 12GB RAM, 4050mAh Battery

When everybody was gossiping with foldable smartphones, at a time it is creating a niche of its own the name with Mi Mix Alpha. we are a tech lover.

For this reason, we wanted to know about the price of this latest phone. We expected, Mi Mix Alpha not only expensive but also limited in the case of quantity. Let’s see what happened.


Price in India of the latest Alpha

Besides China Mi Mx Alpha will come to India as soon as possible. If we compare Mi Mix Alpha between Mi 10. Then we can see the actual difference.

Firstly Xiaomi Mi 10 comes with 6GB of RAM. On the other hand, Mi Mix Alpha comes with 12GB of RAM. Mi 10 has Snapdragon 730G, but Mi Mix Alpha has Snapdragon 855+. There are lots of difference including price.

Thanks for being with us. We are really so happy with you guys. Please stay tuned with us. we are coming soon with another news.


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