Xiaomi Mi 10 Screen Protector leaks showing curved glass with no holes

We already had a post about Xiaomi Mi 10. Xiaomi is a growthful mobile company. Actually, it also called Mi. Finally, Xiaomi announced its launch date of Xiaomi Mi 10. Now it’s Screen Protector leaks showing curved glass with no holes.


Xiaomi is making provisions to launch the Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro flagship smartphones together. It possibly at Mobile World Congress in February. Earlier this year a full list of purported specs for both models leaked.

Today we have an alleged shot of a tempered glass screen protector for the Mi 10. It shows us that the phone’s display will curve, at least on two sides. But possibly even on all four (although the curvature is unsurprisingly much more pronounced to the left and right).

Xiaomi Mi 10 Screen Protector leaks

At a time, it looks very nice. Without any further discussion, let’s move on to different things. It should be awesome for looking.

Mi 10‘s panel seems to have incredibly small bezels all-round. It is with only the chin sticking out somewhat. It is still much less than any previous Xiaomi handset, though. Mi 10 is an actually very good looking phone in earlier of 2020.


There are no visible holes in the screen protector nor cutouts for a possible notch. Which might make you think that it will boast an under-display selfie camera.

The leakster who provided this image says that there are actually holes – plural – to be found. So we wouldn’t be surprised to ascertain a dual punch-hole design.

More likely Xiaomi provides their customer with a user-friendly smartphone.

The screen protector doesn’t need a cutout for those. it’s like pop-up selfie cameras are going the way of the dodo in 2020, to get replace, for starters, with punch-holes mostly, but also some notches here and there permanently measure (mostly within the cheaper devices).


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