Xiaomi 80W Wireless Charger charges up in 19 minutes

This breaking news broke down the market. It is true that Xiaomi 80W Wireless Charger charges up a mobile battery in 19 minutes. Isn’t it horrible? I think it is such an advanced revolution from Xiaomi so far. They wanted to make always some different things. In case, Xiaomi should be happy to be successful with this 80W charger, who is capable of charging up a battery in 19 minutes only.

Earlier also Xiaomi had launched a wireless charger in the market, which gives a 55W faster-charging rate but apparently. But that wasn’t fast enough. However, the company has just revealed that it has made an 80W wireless fast charger that can fill a battery in 19 minutes.

Xiaomi 80W Fast Charger
Xiaomi 80W Fast Charger

Xiaomi 80W Wireless Charger charges up in 19 minutes

We are very happy to hear the good news. A company VP posted a video of the fast-charging process, revealing the new charger looks a lot like the current one. He also claimed the new charger is breaking world records since it is twice as fast as the next in line (which is the 40W Huawei SuperCharge Wireless Stand). The 55W fast charger was introduced in August alongside the Mi 10 Ultra – a flagship smartphone that supports 50W rates and in our tests, its 4,500 mAh power cell got from 0 to 100% in 26 minutes.

We ourselves are changing a lot in the continuity of time. The more we update, the more our demand grows. People want more than they pay. So our phone battery should be updated a lot. Xiaomi has benefited us a lot by bringing this 80W charger to the market. We can fully charge the phone in just 19 minutes with it. Truly it is unimaginable.

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