Xiaomi 12 Pro well loved, its two siblings remain in its shadow

Xiaomi 12 Pro well loved, its two siblings remain in its shadow. Xiaomi believed that consumers might be drawn to smaller, high-top phones, but the last week’s survey shows that larger phones are more well-known. It’s no surprise that the Xiaomi 12 Pro came out in the top spot with a substantial advantage over its competitors.


Some question whether it’s enough to warrant an improvement to the Mi 11 Pro; others are intrigued by the notion of the “Xiaomi 12 Ultra” (we’ve seen evidence that suggests it may exist). In the end, people are split into two camps people who prefer MIUI and those who do not. Xiaomi has a reputation for providing lots of value hardware-wise, and its 12 Pro is no exception.

Xiaomi 12 Pro well loved, its two siblings remain in its shadow

But, it’s the application that’s causing a stir – perhaps that the newly released MIUI 13 will change people’s minds. New Snapdragon 8 generation 1 will have to prove itself since its predecessor (the 888) was renowned for its high temperature. We’ll try once we have an actual review device. We didn’t notice any complaints regarding charging. The 12 Pro jumped up to 120W and slashed the battery’s capacity by 4,600mAh (from the 67W, 5000 mAh on Mi 11 Pro). Mi 11 Pro).


In general, we hear many more complaints about how fast charging impacts the battery’s life. Does this concern have disappeared similar to the issue of OLED displays experiencing burn-in? In the case of the basic Xiaomi 12 model, it performed quite well in this poll; however, it could require a positive review before anyone can buy it. This 6.28″ display isn’t the big draw that Xiaomi could have wanted to make it.

Which Xiaomi 12 Series Model are you interested in?

Some commenters complain that the display is too small and do not need to shell out the Pro price to get a larger screen. However, this is Xiaomi that we’re talking to, so give it a couple of months, and there’ll be half a dozen new 12-series smartphones with different screens and chipsets.

In terms of chipsets, the Snapdragon 870, which is a stalwart, is used on the Xiaomi 12X, which is the standard 12 model but sporting an older processor. The 870 (a modified 865) is still enjoying a great image, and the chance to save money without sacrificing performance was appealing to certain. Sometimes, a steady and slow pace wins the race. However, this model did not create an uproar among fans.


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