With the launch of Oppo Global Community, Oppo celebrates its 18th anniversary

With the launch of Oppo Global Community, Oppo celebrates its 18th anniversary. In honor of its 18th birthday, Chinese technology firm Oppo unveiled the Oppo Global Community today. Oppo’s Global Community ( is designed to be a welcoming space where consumers of any Oppo product can connect with the company and one another to learn more about its products and share their experiences.


The Community will also serve as a focal point for other initiatives from Oppo, such as the Oppo Product Ambassador Program, the O-Chat public forum, and the Oppo Lifesetter app. The O-Chat forum welcomes people from around the globe to discuss Oppo’s products and technology. At the same time, the Oppo Product Ambassador Program gives participants early access to the company’s newest developments.

Conversely, the Oppo Lifesetter encourages its users to share their experiences to assist and inspire others. Oppo’s goal with the Oppo Global Community is to give customers and tech enthusiasts a more user-friendly and streamlined approach to learning about Oppo and its operations, as well as a forum in which they can interact with Oppo’s professionals and discuss the company’s goods and services.

With the launch of Oppo Global Community, Oppo celebrates its 18th anniversary.

Further, the Oppo Global Community will provide Oppo customers all around the globe with a great way to chat with one another about the company’s services and goods. In addition to introducing the Oppo Global Community,

Oppo said that it has over 2,500 service sites globally and that on the 10th and 12th of every month, it would host Oppo Service Day, where customers can take advantage of special offers at more than 900 service centres across 24 countries.


Some examples of these advantages are reduced maintenance costs and no charge for sanitation services. Along with celebrating its 18th year in business, Oppo also published a documentary series that focuses on the company’s workers and the personal tales behind Oppo’s rise. Here you may see the docs that have been made available.

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