Vivo patents smartphone with iPod like design and new Zen series phone

Vivo patents smartphone with iPod like design and new Zen series phone. Vivo has these days filed patent programs with the nipa (china countrywide highbrow belongings administration). One of the patents screen a cellphone with an apple iPod layout whilst the second patent implies that the enterprise may release a brand new zen series smartphone as properly.


The layout of the smartphone in the patent seems quite much like the iPod classic. In other phrases, we can examine that the handset has a bodily click wheel, which occupies half of the front panel. This wheel may be observed on the lower half, even as the display panel taking up the rest of the front facet.

This is as an alternative peculiar inside the marketplace thinking about smartphones can carry out click wheel responsibilities without the need for the physical buttons. Furthermore, it isn’t always an iPod like product since the nipa website sincerely mentions this tool as a mobile smartphone.


Vivo patents smartphone with iPod like design and new Zen series phone

This means this might be a unique and quirky device or just a cellphone that has a very particular purpose. Looking at the patented photos, we will see that the click wheel best has four buttons, which is a quite widespread design with what appears to be a metallic frame.

Arriving at the second patent, the Chinese language handset maker is additionally working on a new zen series smartphone as properly. This tool sports activity a circular digicam module at the rear at the same time as the front homes a punch-hole selfie camera. The most effective notable aspect is the zen branding at the rear panel of the tool.

Because it handiest appears to has a single digital camera on the rear, it is probably a budget or access level tool inside the zen series. Take into account that this is still simply patents and we haven’t any manner of understanding if the emblem is working on these patents as of right now.

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