Vivo patents smartphone with a unique Superzoom pop up camera

Vivo patents a smartphone with a unique Superzoom pop-up camera. Vivo has simply filed a patent for a new cellphone. The patent depicts a unique cellphone that has a superzoom lens to able to permit amazing magnification, which is housed in a pop-up mechanism.


In step with a letsgodigital document, the Chinese phone maker filed this patent with the WIPO (international highbrow property workplace) beneath the identity ‘digicam module, an electronic tool and camera module manage approach.’ as in step with the patent’s description, cutting-edge day smartphones best support ‘low more than one zoom.’ but, the cutting-edge era from Vivo could enable its handset to provide ‘high a couple of zooms.’ in simpler phrases, the emblem has patented a brand new digital camera generation that might provide zoom magnification with an extremely good range.

As of right now, the agency already gives certain phone models with a zoom lens at the back. This includes the likes of the Vivo x30 seasoned, which sports telephoto lenses that help 2x and 5x magnification. Substantially, the document from letsgodigital also offered renders of the patented device to be able to house the superzoom pop up a digital camera, which becomes made via picture-designed technical idea.

Vivo patents smartphone with a unique Superzoom pop up camera

The most highlighting thing approximately this superzoom digicam module is its specific pop up mechanism. Multiple lenses housed in an unmarried module that makes bigger out and collapses into the base. In different words, it’s like a pyramid-like design with the topmost lens having the smallest floor region while the bottom houses the sensor and all of the other lenses alongside it.

Searching at the patent, there are 4 lenses in total, with additional lenses doping up as per the magnification desires of the consumer. Additionally, these lenses also can overlap bearing in mind a longer zoom range. At the same time as the patent does no longer display the quantity of optical zoom, it does kingdom that it will likely be lots greater powerful than modern-day smartphones with a zoom lens.


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