Twitter Blue expands to India, Brazil, and more countries

Twitter Blue expands to India, Brazil, and more countries. Once upon a time, Twitter was a social networking site where users were limited to 140 characters to express themselves. As time passed, the character limit climbed to 280, then to threads, and now to 4,000 for Twitter Blue users, making it impossible to get one’s point through in a brief message.


Twitter Blue expands to India, Brazil, and more countries increasing the tweet limit to 4,000 characters

Meanwhile, the premium membership service quietly expanded into other territories. Twitter Blue is now available for purchase in five more countries throughout Europe, Asia, and Latin America: France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, and Spain; Saudi Arabia, India, and Indonesia in Asia; and Brazil in South America.


The cost is the same on iOS and Android, but those on the Web may take advantage of more affordable subscription plans. Premium capabilities are available to those that upgrade to Twitter Blue, including the ability to edit tweets, create personalized app icons, improve tweet navigation, create and organize tweet folders, and utilize the Reader function, which unrolls threads for a more pleasant reading experience.

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