Tecno Phantom X2 review has been out now

The Tecno Phantom X2 review has been out now. While the business started in the budget sector, Tecno used its Phantom brand to enter the high-end market. Like other Tecno products, the original Phantom X provided excellent value for the money, especially considering its superior display and camera compared to its contemporaries.


The Helio G95, a decent midrange chipset that wasn’t ideal for the Phantom’s intended audience, was one of its flaws. The X2 series addresses some of those issues while continuing to emphasize the screen and camera (actually, there are some major improvements here too).

We’ve looked at the X2 Pro, and now we have a Tecno Phantom X2 to evaluate. The non-Pro version still uses the same display, processor, and battery life as the Pro version. The cameras are the primary differentiating factor between the X2 and X2 Pro.

Tecno Phantom X2 review has been out now.

The base model’s performance is improved not by a massive primary sensor but by a superior lens and RGBW sensor. There is also no portrait mode since that feature is reserved for the Pro model. Beyond the camera range, there is no discernible difference between the two types. The Pro may be distinguished from the standard model by a decorative ring around its retractable portrait camera.

The design will likely cause some controversy. The enhanced camera island certainly draws attention, albeit whether or not this is a good thing is subjective. The fact that it is distinctive, symmetrical, and free of offensive labeling has us leaning toward approval. It would be nice if the standard model weren’t just “gray,” but came in various colors like the Pro’s Mars Orange.


However, many people will use a non-transparent case to hide the back and pretend it doesn’t exist. When we got our hands on the Phantom X2, we saw that Tecno had changed the screen’s aspect ratio from 19.5:9 to 20:9. This makes the phone thinner by one millimeter, which makes it more manageable in hand. The phone’s top-heaviness eclipses this; cautious handling is required to prevent a backflip.

Tecno targets regions where a €1,000 flagship, no matter how impressive its internals (not that the X2 is inexpensive; we’ll get to that), would have a hard time selling. While we do not anticipate the Phantom X2 to excel in every area, we did anticipate that the company’s commitment to providing excellent value for the money would lead it to retain certain useful features.

Tecno Phantom X2 Price Availability

The first generation X had a 3.5mm headphone port, microSD expansion, and 256GB of storage. There is no memory card slot or headphone jack on the Phantom X2, and its storage capacity is a fixed 256GB (unless you get a USB-C adapter, of course). The X2 is a more mature flagship option than the original Phantom X. One key contributor is the newer and improved Dimensity 9000 chipset, which significantly improves over the older and slower Helio G95.

The X2 is quick to react and has a powerful graphics processing unit (GPU) in the form of the Mali-G710 MC10. The original Phantom’s 4,700mAh battery capacity provided impressive runtime, and the 5,160mAh battery capacity of the X2 series is a significant improvement.

However, the more powerful hardware consumes more power. Thus the X2 won’t have nearly as good of a battery life as the X. As for the company’s claim that the charging system has been improved by increasing its wattage from 30W to 45W, we didn’t see any difference.

Not on our X2 Pro model; we’ll have to test the regular X2 to see whether it performs better. Before we go back to our assessment of the phone, we should highlight that the Phantom X2 costs SAR 2,700 ($720/€685/59,000.) However, this is more than the average technology price in Saudi Arabia because of local taxes. Still, that’s a significant increase over the Phantom X’s $26,000 India retail price.

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