Sony Xperia displays ranked since a decade

Sony Xperia displays ranked since a decade. With its small size and first 4K displays, Sony has become one of the most sought-after tech companies. We often have many things to talk about when there is news about a new Sony phone.


We grouped the phones into three categories: flagships, premium, and mini. As for the premium category, we count the Z Ultra in there as well, and as of now, that’s what it is called. The minis category includes some of the Compact lines that came before it.

Sony Xperia displays ranked since a decade

The table is exciting, and the charts help visualize what’s missing. The gap in the Premium segment tells an exciting story. That blog post where you can read about the first 4K display phone–the Xperia Z Ultra–is here too if you want to learn more about that device.

There was a question of rightly placing the Xperia 1 series as a premium device until there would be no flagship devices. We debated moving this into this category, but the Xperia 5 series is not that small, so the decision was made to put it in the midrange.

The charts make the generational progress easy to visualize. For several years, flagships had 5.0-5.2 inch screens with 1080p resolution, while compacts were 4.6″ 720p displays.


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