Sony introduces two Inzone gaming monitors (4K 144Hz and FHD 240Hz)

Sony introduces two Inzone gaming monitors (4K 144Hz and FHD 240Hz). Sony has launched a new series of gaming hardware products. The launch products are two monitors and three headsets that have designed for immersive gaming.


Sony introduces two Inzone gaming monitors (4K 144Hz and FHD 240Hz)

Sony Inzone M9 and M3 gaming monitors

Both monitors have an IPS LCD screen. The M9 has a 4K resolution but only a peak of 600 nits of brightness. It has VESA DisplayHDR 600 certification and 95% DCI-P3 coverage. The EIZO Foris FS2735P is also 27 inches with 4K resolution but a dynamic contrast mode that peaks at 400 nits and will retail for just 299€. (Sony introduces two Inzone)

The Sony Inzone M3 drops down to 1080p resolution with 240hz. The edge-lit panel has a 400 nits peak brightness and offers 99% sRGB coverage. One excellent monitor has four inputs (HDMI 2 and DisplayPort 1.4) and a USB hub with three outputs with both PS5 and PC software.


This monitor stand has adjustable height and tilt and a cable channel. It also has an RGB LED for changing the lighting. Sony is launching two new In zones, the M9 and the M3. The M9 is available for pre-order at $900/€1,100/£1,000 and will come out this summer. The M3 will launched by the end of this year for $530. (Sony introduces two Inzone)

Sony Inzone H9, H7 and H3 gaming headphones

All three models share the same design, with different capabilities to match your needs and budget. The H9 and H7 headphones have Bluetooth support, but the low-latency connection best used with their built-in USB dongle for reliable connections.

The mic offers voice chat quality for games and can easily controlled by flipping the boom down to talk and flipping it up to mute. H9 and H7 have buttons that change the balance between game audio and voice chat. (Sony introduces two Inzone)

Users can create surround sound with their PCs or use the “Personalizer” app on their smartphones. The Sony H9 headphones can last 32 hours with ANC off and their Ambient sound mode (100Hz-8,000Hz). The headphones also have an option for Active Noise Cancellation. H7s have longer battery life than the H9s and H3s. (Sony introduces two Inzone)


These headphones also come with 40mm drivers and 25 Ohms of impedance. Sony, Amazon, and Best Buy the only authorized sellers of Outzone headsets. The H9 models cost $300/€300/£270 each, the H7 models cost $230/€230/£200 respectively, and the H3 models cost $100/€100/£90.

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