Smartphone market recovered to pre-COVID levels in 2021

Smartphone market recovered to pre-COVID levels in 2021. According to the most recent Canalys report the world’s smartphone market had an overall 1.35 billion smartphone shipments in 2021. This is 7percent increase compared to 2020 and is near the pre-pandemic levels of 1.37 billion reported for 2019.


The top five vendors list was the same, with Samsung continuing to lead the pack with 274.5 million of shipments and a 20 percent market share. Apple was second, with an impressive 23 million shipments, and 17percent market share.

Smartphone market recovered to pre-COVID levels in 2021

Xiaomi makes it to the top three with 191 million shipped and 14% of the market. It also had the highest growth rate of all brands, which was 28 percent. Moving down the list, we’ll find Oppo (including OnePlus) with the highest number of shipments, 145 million and 11 percent of the market, while vivo is in the top five with 129.9 million shipped and a market share of 10.

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2020 Shipments
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Yearly change

Despite the constant shortage of supply the demand of consumers for new smartphones continued to increase through 2021. The segments that are budget-friendly of Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa and Latin America were the main drivers of growth.

The demand of Samsung and Apple top-of-the-line devices was high with Samsung making its target of selling 8 million foldables. Apple was the most popular brand in fourth quarter of all brands, with 82.7 million units shipped. Canalys analysts forecast 2022 will be another great year for smartphone sales.

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