Samsung’s 65W charger images unveiled

We know the 65W charger (EP-TA865) of Samsung had been certified last September. Today some images of Samsung unveiled.


According to these images, It supports USB Power Delivery at up to 20V and 3.25A, including Programmable Power Supply (PPS). It’s powerful enough to be used with laptops as well, provided they can be charged through their USB-C ports. But Samsung recently released its Galaxy S21 series. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra supports 45W fast charging. The highest Samsung has gone yet (using the EP-TA845 adapter). So, obviously, this charger is more powerful.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21+ are not in contention as they expected to top out at 25W. And in all three cases, you’ll have to provide your own power brick as the new S-series is expected to ship in a barebones box.

There’s a chance that the Galaxy Note21 Ultra battery will be beefed up for 65W charging. But it’s too early to tell. Or it’s possible that the rumors are wrong and the S21 Ultra will surpass its predecessor – the S20 Ultra (45W) was faster than the Note20 Ultra, which was limited to 25W. So, it will be quite a jump for the upcoming Note. It’s quite possible, in fact, as we already know that the S21 phones will upgrade reverse wireless charging to 9W, double what the S and Note phones from 2020 achieved. So some upgrades to the electric system are coming, why not 65W too? Samsung has stayed out of the Watt wars for now, but that could change.

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