Samsung phones with cracked screens pay out as well as those in good condition

Samsung phones with cracked screens pay out as well as those in good condition. The summer is quickly approaching and you might want to purchase an upgrade to your phone that you can bring on your next trip. If you got your eyes set on an Samsung flagship phone, you’ll happy to know that Samsung US offer a brand new collection of discounts and promotions.


Additionally, there a number of deals which will offered for Memorial Day (May 30, Monday). Let’s begin with the basics – the normal cost of Galaxy S22 can discounted through the Cracked Screen Program for trade-ins that will reimburse phones with cracked screens at the same price as those with good condition.

As an example, you can receive $525 for one S21 as well as $425 for one S20 with a damaged screen. This is the amount you can receive even if the screen is in good condition. The most you can buy is $700. So that means the Galaxy S22 can be yours for only $100 if you trade it in. In addition you’ll also get an electronic certificate of $50 that you can use to purchase accessories.

Samsung phones with cracked screens pay out as well as those in good condition

 In addition, if you purchase Samsung’s Galaxy S22+ and S22 Ultra and S22 Ultra, you can receive up to $1,000 of credit for enhanced trade. A S21 Ultra is worth $1,000 (even even if it there’s a crack on the screen) So you could reduce the cost of the latest Ultra to just $200. The S22+ as well as the S22 Ultra, you will also receive the e-certificate for $100, which means you can spend more on accessories. 

Take note that on May 30 there will be the Deal of the Day offer for the Galaxy S22 Ultra – basically the same deal as currently but you will receive a complimentary Galaxy Watch4. On the same day, you can also avail a comparable offer with Z Flip3. Z Flip3, including the free Watch4. The Galaxy Z Flip3 is available with up to $800 of upgraded trade-in credits as well as a complimentary set of Galaxy Buds Live. 


If you reach the limit of discount it costs $200. If you’re looking for the larger Galaxy Z Fold3, you could get one that comes with up to $1100 upgraded trade-in credits, which is available on the Z Fold2 with a damaged screen. The final cost of the foldable model at $700. To make the deal even more appealing you will receive a free 40mm Galaxy Watch4 (the 44mm watch is available for purchase at $20).

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