Samsung has problems with the Galaxy Note 20

The best Korean smartphone creator authority Samsung has faced a big problem with the galaxy note 20. They had a big hope with this phone but the result is an opponent. Recently the survey of sam-mobile published that news. According to the survey,” in October the sale of Samsung mobile had been decreased than their hopes. For that, the Samsung authority decided to take a new manual to produce galaxy note 20. Last month the demand for produce galaxy note 20 had decided about 6 lakhs unit which was 9 lakhs units in past because of the lessening of sell.”


The survey also mentioned that “The performance of low budget galaxy note 20 is too weak to compare with the high powerful galaxy note 20 ultras “For low budget max Samsung user’s guess that, it has been made for high performance at a low price. According to another survey, “In October one galaxy note 20 had made against 2 galaxy note 20 ultras.”

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra goes through FCC with mmWave
Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra goes through FCC with mmWave

According to the price galaxy note, 20 could not able to get the attraction of consumers. But in galaxy note 20’s fan edition it achieved the great attention of consumers with a huge refresh rate of 120. Overall, the galaxy note 20 will be an instance For Samsung and other contemporary smartphone creator organizations.


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