Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 bears all in a teardown video

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 bears all in a teardown video. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 was put through some arduous “durability testing” earlier this month, which included scratching, burning, and (trying to) bend it. While it survived and continued to function, there was some weirdness – popping noises came out when it bent backward, and then it would no longer be fully closed.


That’s fascinating, so the same Zack from the JerryRigEverything YouTube channel is back at it, dismantling the paired device that underwent that test this time, seeking to identify the origin of those pops. You can watch the whole thing in the video below. If you prefer to peek inside objects, you most likely like this.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 bears all in a teardown video.

The internal display’s protective layer is first removed, and then the plastic bezel bumpers are removed. The screen is somewhat simpler to remove than if it didn’t rest on a metal plate since it does. After getting into the rear portions with a suction cup and a razor blade, it’s time to reveal the internals.


You can notice how different the hinge is from the Flip3s and how much larger the primary camera sensor is compared to the ultrawide. Sadly, even when seen from the inside, it is difficult to determine what caused the popping noises that were heard during the bend test since everything seems to be in good shape. To top it all off, the phone gets put back together, and, surprise, surprise! it still works.

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