Samsung Galaxy Watch4 sensors closely comparable to medical tools

According to a report, Samsung Galaxy Watch4 sensors were closely comparable to medical tools. The Samsung Galaxy Watch4’s SpO2 sensors, according to research published in the journal Sleep Health, are comparable to real medical equipment when it comes to measuring OSA, or obstructive sleep apnea.


The study found that readings obtained concurrently by the wearable and the conventional medical device were in agreement. Six of the seven medical experts who conducted the study were connected to Samsung Electronics.

We may perhaps take the research’s conclusions with a grain of salt because it was conducted at Samsung Medical Center, which also provided funding for the study.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 sensors closely comparable to medical tools

It was discovered throughout the research that the blood oxygen sensor on the back of the Galaxy Watch4 can offer a true understanding of the user’s health and that when the mean data error is less than 4%, it conforms with FDA and ISO criteria.

Because the Samsung device uses pulse oximetry (readings of the pulse through the skin), whereas medical equipment employs CO-oximeters, the researchers discovered that the wearable sensor is somewhat more accurate than a normal medical instrument worn on the wrist (readings of oxygen through the skin).


The study found that 38 percent of adults experience some form of sleep disruption, including 50 percent of adult males and 25 percent of adult females, making OSA research crucial.

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