Samsung Galaxy S22+ is going for review at this moment

Samsung Galaxy S22+ is going for review at this moment. Its Samsung Galaxy S22+ appears to be identical to the model from last year, but the appearance of the phone can be misleading. There’s been more changes to this Plus phone than one think at first. 


These are the first things we saw after examining the phone (a complete review will be coming very soon). The model that is being released is expected to have a smaller size than 2021’s model that has the 6.6″ display instead of a 6.7″ one. It is, in fact, smaller by around 4 millimeters and smaller (0.2 millimeters) However, the essential dimension has grown by a little (75.8 millimeters as opposed to 75.6 millimeters). 

Another thing we noticed was how the sides of the device have become much less round, which affects how it feels in the hands. The cam bump is largely identical, but there’s now a noticeable gap in between it and the the frame. Also, the S22+ sides do not flow with the same ease as those of the S21+. However, the entire phone will be more durable However, thanks to the latest Gorilla Glass Victus+ on the front and back. Between the two sheets made of glass lies Armor Aluminum which is the same toughened form from aluminum Samsung employed in the 3rd Galaxy Z series. 

Samsung Galaxy S22+ is going for review at this moment

The result that makes the device smaller is that its battery’s capacity also decreased from 4,800 mAh up to 4,500mAh. Last year’s model had an impressive Endurance score that was 114 hours. It’s now 114 hours. Galaxy S22+ now supports 45W of charging. You’ll need to bring your own charger, of course since you will only receive an adapter inside the box. In addition to the larger screen and battery it is among reasons to choose the Plus model over the basic model (which is limited to 25W). 

However, Samsung’s earlier attempts with 45W were not as efficient as we’d like and that’s another thing to keep an eye on when we review the model. However, the battery comes with the latest chipset (more about it in a moment) in addition to more brightness in the display. The Dynamic AMOLED 2X panel has a brightness of 1750 nuits (up from 1300 nits) which makes it more legible even in full sunlight. 


When we talk about the display, it’s not as flat as it was previously but this time Samsung has managed to create bezels completely uniform. It’s not an LTPO panel, and it is only available for the Ultra. It means the rate of refresh is restricted to a smaller band, between 48 and 120 Hz (same as the previous year). In reality, the details of how the refresh rate function for the S22 series will be an article of its own because there’s plenty to discuss. When you switch to gaming mode the sampling rate for the touch increases to at 240 milliseconds.

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