Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus reveals live images

It is a piece of good news for consumers. Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus leaks live images. We were waiting for this. We are really so happy to reveal live images.


Samsung leaks that they unpack its galaxy S20+ on February 11. They already told about its features. According to an event, Samsung officially launches its S20+.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus reveals live images

Samsung is the most trustable mobile maker company. They believe and trust their customers. It also looks upon customer satisfaction.


We expect to see the next Galaxy flagship smartphones there. Rumors were pointing to the Galaxy S20 moniker to celebrate the new cultural decade. The year 2020, and now we have leaked live images of the device, confirming it.

It appears the phone will have four regular shooters in a rectangular setup, joined by an LED flash. It has a special sensor of some sort of a microphone pinhole.

The screen will keep its sharper curved edges, similar to the Galaxy S10 family and unlike the Galaxy Note10.

There is a rumored to have a new 108MP 9-to-1 Bayer sensor that should do 12MP stills with huge pixels, coupled by an ultrawide shooter


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