Samsung Galaxy S11+ All about the latest official specification

The Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus is looking like a lot of things. Some of them are impressive and then others not so much fessing. First cameras and Samsung phones have heard consistently good cameras for a while now. But the imaging hardware itself has not taken a big leap forward into the galaxy s7. That is about to change with their new at 64 megapixels iso cell bright GW one image sensors.


Samsung phones are amazing for taking high-resolution photos. But another one with greater superb range north faster autofocus. It’s also looking likely that it’s going to allow for 480 frames per second.

Now the Samsung Galaxy S11+ is not gonna be the first phone to use this sensor. But it will be the best one. I already heard a bit of talk about the next Samsung devices powered by a hyper-efficient 5-nanometer chip.

That would be great but just judging by history these flagship phone chips. They tend to get this boost in efficiency once every two years. Though Samsung announced a partnership with AMD company. It was pretty clearly stated that its purpose is to create mobile graphics chipsets for Samsung smartphones.

Galaxy S11+ official specifications

So you know that in the PC market AMD is pretty widely known for its Radeon graphics architecture.


That completely fries the competition when it comes to gaming. It kind of reminds me of when Nvidia we make move all chips. How they managed to produce a 72 core GPU in a phone. Where most others barely had 4.

That gets the snapdragon. There is good news though for Qualcomm users in that all s Elevens. That was – based on the Snapdragon 865 or the Exynos equivalent should have a 5g modem built into the chip.

The current solution in phones like the Galaxy S10 5g is having a separate modem. That sits alongside the chip. So weaving them together. It could mean not just a slimmer smartphone but also more.

The Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus would also pair. This with UFO s3 storage. It is up to 12 gigabytes of RAM on the subject of power.

Galaxy S11 Plus official specifications

But I think it would be a pretty safe assumption to guess about 1,100 milliamp hours. If you look at their past devices the s8 plus had three thousand five hundred million powers. Because the s9 phones were more of a refinement of the s8 they have the same.

That the Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus is yet another refinement phone. It should carry a similar capacity battery what is a bit more than just a refinement though is that. It should also be getting the same 45 watts charging that we should be seeing on note 10 as well. I’ve already made an in-depth content all about note 10.

Galaxy S11 Plus reviews & specs

I’ll link it as a card above visual differentiation is important for a company. (Like Samsung). Because you’ve got tech nerds like us who we’re always gonna know what the latest flagship phone is. But for an average consumer walking into a store to upgrade. They might not be able to tell so you may have noticed that with each new flagship phone.

The changes from the s9 plus to note 9. It looks clean and the fingerprint scanner was far down in a phone. The phone to reach and yet on note 9 later on in the year.

So this could mean a whole number of things on the Samsung Galaxy S11+. But this is just what I think so far. We all know that the S10 phones have this pretty sizable hole punch in the top right corner.

The expectation for note 10 is for that hole punch to not just shift to the center. But to become smaller it’s quite possible then that the Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus will utilize this smaller hole punch from note 10.


I’ll catch you in the next one.

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