Samsung Galaxy Note line will be missed recently

Samsung Galaxy Note line will be missed recently. It seems that the Galaxy Note is dead, long live the Galaxy S22 Ultra! We knew it was coming but was it really the right decision to ditch the Note line and encapsulate its signature features into S-series models? Not really according to the results of the last poll. Most people would have preferred Samsung had kept its S Note and Note models apart. In any case the second launch at the close in the calendar year proved great to holiday shoppers who had money to spare but no ideas. 


However, that space is owned now by Z foldables. A third of the voters do not see it this way but. If the phone were called Galaxy Note22 Ultra instead, they would have viewed it as a normal Note launch. And being named S22 Ultra instead is a minor issue for the majority of them. Some people see it as a larger issue however. 

Samsung Galaxy Note line will be missed recently

Some commenters have pointed out that Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra is almost an entire model line on its own, and it’s the S22 as well as the S22+ are very similar, but differing in terms of screen and battery. Therefore, perhaps Samsung could keep the Note name to highlight the difference in the spec sheets for the S-series. 


The general opinion suggests in the direction that the Note series ought to have been separate and there are some positive reasons. We’ve mentioned that the most powerful Galaxy camera is found on the big, costly Ultra. Regarding prices The Note10 along with the Note20 series were split into the flagship Plus models as well as slightly less expensive vanilla phones. 

The only problem is that you cannot have the S22 Ultra “Lite”, which means it’s at the top of the list for those who want stylus. We posted a hands-on evaluation of three phones on the market yesterday and included videos of hands-on of Samsung’s Galaxy S22 and S22+ along with Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra. We’ll do more detailed reviews in the near future so keep an eye out for the reviews.

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