Samsung 65W charger has certified in South Korea

Everybody knows that Samsung is popular for its camera, usability, RAM-ROM, Battery, overall performance also. Now Samsung 65W charger has certified in South Korea. It is the great news ever I hear today. I love Samsung devices and always suggest my fans to use a Samsung device.


The company is releasing a 65W charger in South Korea according to a certification document. But Samsung didn’t disclose the device name, it could be Galaxy S21-series or another different device. They told me about the model code number. I will drop the images below.

Samsung 65W charger has certified in South Korea

First of all, let me tell you the 45W Samsung charger has a model EP-TA845 while the newly certified charger is known as EP-TA865. It based on the assumption that Samsung once more uses the last two digits to denote the charger’s rating.

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