Redmi K50 Gaming gets torn down on video

Redmi K50 Gaming gets torn down on video. This past week Xiaomi sub-brand Redmi unveiled the initial K50 family member known as known as the Redmi K50 Gaming (also called K50G). K50G). It is a device aimed towards gaming, as the name suggests, featuring the ability to pop up physical gaming triggers as well as an Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SoC in charge. 


Redmi K50 Gaming gets torn down on video

It’s a fascinating device, without doubt. In the days after it was announced and it’s time to share a of a teardown of the device to show you. This video was recorded in China and is authentic but be prepared to pausing a lot when you’d like to take more detail on the various components as the speed of the video is extremely fast It’s just one minute length, and at the end, the components can be put on a toy car as well, since why not. 

It’s a good thing that the Redmi K50 Gaming will probably not be launched under this name globally, but in the past, it was announced that the K40 Gaming was offered outside of China as the Poco F3 GT, so perhaps that’ll be the case in 2022. We’ll be waiting to see.

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