Realme got a certificate for massive 6,000 mAh battery

We already know that Realme is a sub-brand of Oppo company. Finally, Realme got a certificate for a massive 6,000 mAh battery. Earlier, Realm received a certificate for a 5000mAh battery. You will be happy to know, now they have got the certificate for 6000mAh battery.


A TUV certification filing for a particular BLP793 battery pack has now been brought to light. Mainly since its rated capacity is a whopping 6,000 mAh. Well, 5,860mAh, to be precise, with a typical capacity of 6,000 mAh. 

Realme got a certificate for massive 6,000 mAh battery

We are happy to see that. We also know that at least one Realme X3 phone is on the way, offering an impressive 60x zoom camera. The X3 SuperZoom rumored to only fit a 4,200 mAh battery, alongside its 6x periscope camera, though.

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