PUBG Mobile has confirmed its return to India with a new version

Hey guys, today we will give you a piece of interesting news about the PUBG MOBILE.


With the game ban by the Ministry of Electronics and IT, it seems that the PUBG can be brought out of India and lightened at the end of the tunnel.

The game ensured its intention to entered India with a new name “PUBG mobile India”.They decided to reflects the choice of the local society in the new allowance program and configurations among the gaming features. The more noticeable thing is that the authority said to take focus on monitoring user data more transparently according to the native rules and regulations.

PUBG MOBILE is coming back with a new version which has included various new features.

The main host company of PUBG Game is Krafton Inc.


The company is planning to invest $100 million for the new version of the game that means PUBG Mobile Game India. The game wants to identify a gameplay option that must have a green hit effect added to replace the red area, and they have decided to start the game with a potentially well-dressed character as well. There is also an interesting matter that includes the new version of PUBG Mobile. The authority also planned to give an interesting feature on it. The game will also give a limitation on gaming time for young gamers. It will help the younger are to maintain their health.

The company also planned to established a local office in the Indian subcontinent. The local authority will be monitored by more than 100 employees. They will lead the organization by handling communication and providing the user worships. There is also a thrilling plan for Indian regional tournaments, events, and more amusing features in the future. The source didn’t say about the timetable of launching PUBG MOBILE India.


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