Our ZTE Axon 40 Ultra video review is up

Our ZTE Axon 40 Ultra video review is up. ZTE released a new smartphone called the Axon 40 Ultra, which will come with international availability on June 21. We were given time to play with it at work, and we have an in-depth review on this phone for your reading pleasure.


Today we will be doing a video review with our complimentary written examination. You’ll learn all the essential things in under ten minutes, like this phone’s build and screen quality. The battery life is excellent, and the performance is fantastic as well.

Our ZTE Axon 40 Ultra video review is up

As for the camera image quality, you’ll learn about that too. The Axon 40 Ultra is a unique but powerful device. It features an advanced under-display camera with superior quality, a 6.8-inch image sensor with 16:9 resolution and 2400 x 2400 color accuracy, and up to 245Hz refresh rate on its display.

The most impressive part of this phone is its back, with three powerful cameras. One camera has optical image stabilization and shoots stock photos and videos; a small 3.5x zoom camera performs much better than traditional 3x zooms and uses visual image stabilization, too; and the ultrawide lens offers improved subjects metering for better quality photos and videos. The phone starts at $800/€930/£710 for 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, but you can extend that to 12/256GB by spending $900/€950/£810.

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