OnePlus Nord Buds CE review has been out

OnePlus Nord Buds CE review has been out. The most recent TWS earbuds from OnePlus are the Nord Buds CE. These are effectively the least expensive earbuds the firm presently sells. They are not just a part of the budget-friendly Nord series, but also of the even more affordable CE or Core Edition portfolio.


OnePlus Nord Buds CE review has been out

The Nord Buds CE, which is currently only available in India, is designed to provide completely wireless earphones for individuals on a budget. Since a pair of earbuds cost only $29, we must admit that we didn’t have great expectations before using them. It turns out that the Nord Buds CE has a card to play.


Similar to the AirPods, the OnePlus Nord Buds CE has a traditional one-size-fits-all earphone design. The original OnePlus Buds used this style, however, OnePlus has now switched to an in-ear model. With the same hairdryer-style form and virtually the same size for the component that lies into your ear, the Nord Buds CE earbuds resemble the AirPods quite closely.


They differ from the original OnePlus Buds in this area, which had considerably more bulbous dimensions and were created for bigger ears. Compared to AirPods, the Nord Buds CE has shorter stalks with capacitive touch surfaces for gesture control.


When it comes to this particular set of earphones, comfort is a touchy matter. The one-size-fits-all approach might be unpredictable and rarely serves all users’ needs. The Nord Buds CE may be too little or too large for you, depending on the shape of your ears, which not only impacts their comfort but also the sound quality.

This particular design of earphones has mostly fallen out of favor because it isn’t much you can do to improve it. Since the Nord Buds CE are essentially the same size and shape as the original AirPods, they also fit me nicely. Your ears may fluctuate slightly from their ideal position even if they are the right size.

Fortunately, there didn’t appear to be much of a risk of them falling out, at least not for me. However, even when they do fit well, these earbuds still cannot compare to their in-ear counterparts in terms of comfort.


These earbuds sit in your concha and apply pressure on it to stay in place, as opposed to in-ear models that employ soft silicone tips to anchor themselves in your ear canal. When you slightly press them in to improve the seal, this pressure tends to increase. As a result, your ears will eventually begin to hurt a little. For me, this happened after a few hours.


On OnePlus phones and other devices with the HeyMelody app, users may operate the Nord Buds CE functions directly. Similar to how AirPods function on iOS, the functionality on OnePlus phones is managed by a system-level program that incorporates the functionalities under the Bluetooth settings menu.

Both systems are undoubtedly bad since the options are hidden too deeply in the Bluetooth settings for the majority of everyday users to locate. The Nord Buds CE has a rather simple feature set, so there isn’t much to change once you do manage to get there.

The EQ presets and the tap gestures are the two most crucial settings that may be modified here. Simply double-tapping the earbuds will allow a photo-taking feature in the camera app. With the exception of the ability to shoot images, the HeyMelody app’s features are mostly the same when installed on different Android phones.

The firmware may also be updated here. To reduce latency, there is a manual Game mode option here, which is automatically enabled on OnePlus phones when the phone is in game mode. The HeyMelody app is undoubtedly simpler to use because you don’t have to search for it in the Bluetooth settings; it is conveniently located in your app drawer. On a OnePlus 9 Pro, it was also the only way I could get to these settings.

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