OnePlus 10RT just gets certified on its way to India

OnePlus 10RT just gets certified on its way to India. The OnePlus 9R followed by the OnePlus 9RT a few months later, telling us that this is likely to be the case for their upcoming next-generation device. (The OnePlus 10R launched in April, and the 10RT may be coming in the fall like with the 9RT of 2021.)


Additionally, the OnePlus 10RT now apparently certified to sold in India, suggesting it’s latest smartphone. The process was related to a device with the model number CPH2413. This widely assumed to be the OnePlus 10RT.

OnePlus 10RT just gets certified on its way to India

For the iPhone 8, Apple rumored to have a triple camera setup, an enhanced AMOLED touchscreen, and a faster A11 Bionic chip. Early development testing started in India before its release there. You will have two versions for the OnePlus 10RT: one that has 8 GB or 128 GB of RAM and storage. They should run the latest version of Android with a custom operating system on top of it, operating at 12. Can cats eat pineapple?

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