OnePlus 10 Pro snaps in half in bend test

OnePlus 10 Pro snaps in half in bend test. The OnePlus 10 Pro was unveiled to the Chinese market in January, and this week, it received a brand new Panda White version. The phone has not yet available in any markets other than China however, we hope that is coming in the near future. 


In the meantime Youtuber Zack of JerryRigEverything has taken the decision to test the OnePlus 10 Pro through his signature “durability test”, which includes burn and scratching on the screen and the bend test. The phone starts out well with Gorilla Glass Victus on top of its display .

OnePlus 10 Pro snaps in half in bend test

Its scratch marks are at the level of 6. Mohs hardness scale, and more pronounced grooves reaching level 7. This is the normal course The phone and then. The phone’s sides are verified to be made of aluminum, and so do the keys. Although there’s no official IP rating however, the SIM slot does have an oleophobic gasket that protects against water. 


The burn test is exactly as you would expect as it’s AMOLED screen lasting around 40 seconds, until it’s scorched with direct heat from a lighter , and does not recover. However, then disaster occurs. The OnePlus 10 Pro fail the bend test, but it fails quite horribly. Be sure to watch the entire video to witness it snap into two pieces. 

The back first cracks, in the event that it is bent at the front, and when it is bent backwards… It simply snaps and then dies. This hasn’t happened often in the last few years, but this is a severe test – we don’t recommend you purchase the OnePlus 10 Pro and then leave it in your pocket this is for certain.

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