OnePlus 10 Pro just gets $100 cheaper in the US

OnePlus 10 Pro just gets $100 cheaper in the US. The 10T, which the OnePlus introduced today, will be sold alongside the 10 Pro in the company’s lineup because it isn’t the model’s replacement but rather an odd side-grade with certain benefits and drawbacks.


While it might seem a bit confusing, the price is not; the 10T is the less expensive model. Nevertheless, not by as much as we first anticipated, at least not in the US. There, OnePlus reduced the price of the 10 Pro by $100 from its previous price.

Originally priced at $899, it is now available for $799. That’s still more than the $649 you must pay for a OnePlus 10T, but it might just be a more tolerable price difference for those who like the 10 Pro’s better camera system and its higher-res, curved screen – but don’t much care about the 10T’s slightly faster charging and slightly better overall performance, as those are the areas where the 10T outperforms the 10 Pro.

OnePlus 10 Pro just gets $100 cheaper in the US

Unfortunately, OnePlus has not announced if a comparable price decrease would be implemented in any other country, so it may solely apply to the US. That implies that the 10 Pro will be considerably more difficult to sell in other countries, but the 10T should be much better in comparison.

This is where things stand right now, although it’s hard to see what’s driving the approach. Don’t miss our hands-on review of OnePlus’ newest model if you’re curious about the OnePlus 10T and want to learn more about it. Check read our in-depth review of the OnePlus 10 Pro as well if you want to get (re)familiar with that device.


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