Nothing phone (1) stirs heated debate, but the company needs to prove itself

Nothing phone (1) stirs heated debate, but the company needs to prove itself. According to last week’s poll, the hype is also subject to Newton’s third law: there is hate for every hype. And the Nothing phone was the most anticipated phone launch of the year (1). This is not to argue that everything is necessarily looking horrible.


One in ten respondents to the survey has already placed a pre-order, demonstrating that they have successfully navigated the invitation process. One in three consumers are awaiting reviews before making a choice. Given that this is the company’s first smartphone and its second product overall, that seems realistic.

We will return to this point in a moment, but it needs to demonstrate its worth. The design is cited as a benefit by those who enjoy the phone (1); it has a look at a time when many new releases are blatantly generic. Additionally, it features a rather high-end construction with an aluminum frame encased between two GG5 panels.

Nothing phone (1) stirs heated debate, but the company needs to prove itself

It also includes wireless charging. Another plus is the software support schedule, which calls for 3 years of OS upgrades and 4 years of fixes. It stands out in the mid-range market because of all of this. The Glyph Interface comes next. Even if some question its usefulness, it’s getting attention, which is probably what the designers intended.

Additionally, there is the Nothing launcher, which some people have tried out on their current phones but isn’t quite as intriguing. Despite this, the majority of respondents to the poll expressed no interest in the Nothing phone (1). Numerous readers named the smartphones they would prefer to own, including Samsung, Poco, Xiaomi, and even Asus. Right now, Nothing can probably get away with that since it needs to concentrate on meeting demand.


However, the business must establish itself because many people said, “Not this one, but maybe the phone (2).” That there isn’t much diversity doesn’t help. If the phone (1) is too big, too little, or to anything else for you, you’re looking for another brand.

Okay, some brands release too many phones, but Nothing has the opposite issue. Whether you like it or not, the Nothing phone (1) created a splash when it first came out. Stay tuned for our assessment of the phone once we have our unit and are working on a review.

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