Nokia G21 review has come out to our website

Nokia G21 review has come out to our website. Its Nokia G21 arrives a little less than a full year after the G20 was introduced to the market. Like other manufacturers G-series, the G-series has mid-range models which focus on low-cost pricing and providing a quality product, rather than chasing tricks. The G21 is the first to introduce the introduction of a new style for the brand. 


The previous models had a centered circular camera bump that was once referred to as “Oreo”. The model is now an angled rectangle bump, which is hidden in the corner. It’s not an entirely original design however, it feels as if it’s a fresh look after a few years of the Oreo style. The “let’s try something new” style doesn’t seem to be able to translate to the remainder on the handset. Before we get into that phone, let us acknowledge the phone for the accolades it’s due. HMD has been a bit prudent with its selection of chipsets. 

The Nokia X100 and G300, which are the best as Nokias get these days are running the Snapdragon the 480 chip. The G21 chooses to use an T606 Unisoc. Although Unisoc chips don’t have the excitement of, say the Dimensity the T606 is efficient. The thing that stands out about it is Nokia G20 Nokia G20 had a Helio G35 chipset that had 8 Cortex-A53 cores. 


To give you a background this, the A53 was first announced in 2012, and then later replaced with the A55 in the year 2017. The two Cortex-A75 cores of the T606 are similar to 2017 models, however the difference is that they’re “big” cores, offering superior performance. The 6 A55 cores that come with the A75s perform better and more energy powerful than predecessors. Another benefit aspect is it’s 6.5″ LCD has been upgraded to a 90 Hz refresh rate. 

Nokia G21 review has come out to our website

This does make the UI more fluid which is essential for how responsive a smartphone is regardless of what benchmarks claim. The phone also has the required Widevine setting that allows you to play Netflix video in HD and you will be able to notice an improvement in the quality of your images when watching a new series. We also applaud HMD for having three card slots which can accommodate two lines for phones as well as a memory extension. 

In addition, it has an 3.5 millimeter headphone jack that makes high-quality, low-latency sound accessible for a reasonable price. This is the point where we begin to lose compliments. This 6.5″ display is the same resolution of 720p+ as the G20. A display with 1080p+ resolution would have been an excellent reason to suggest this phone. Displays of this type aren’t uncommon for phones in this price bracket however, there are several alternatives. In terms of cost, Nokia G21 starts at Nokia G21 starts EUR170, EUR10 more than the G20. 

This puts it in a tense spot since just EUR10-30 extra can get you a more powerful phone. For instance an Redmi 10 is EUR10 more and can run at 90 Hz at 1080pplus. The Moto G31 and a Galaxy M21 2021 both fall within the same price range and both feature AMOLED displays with 1080p+. There is even an iPhone 5G for EUR200 or lower, which is way higher than the capabilities of Unisoc T606. It is possible to point out that the Nokia is running a clean Android that is not like Redmi and the Galaxy as well as Redmi (but similar to Motorola). Motorola). 


It is true, however, HMD chose to install ExpressVPN as well as Spotify however, which isn’t exactly the best choice for those who want pure. The bigger issue is that the phone comes running Android 11. HMD does offer two years of OS updates, which means that you should get Android 13 on the market by the end of this year. For instance Nokia X10 and X20 Nokia X10 and X20 launched in June 2021, running Android 11 and updated to 12 in December. If HMD continues to keep up the rate and the G21 will run Android 12 by the end of the year. 

Nokia G21 review, Specifications and Price has released

Then Android 13 will released next year and after that, it’s likely the case. It’s true that the majority of phones of this price do not have Android 12 yet either, however, it doesn’t seem like HMD has an edge here also. The 50MP camera that’s new is the main feature of the phone, however there’s not much information regarding the lens and sensor. It’s more likely that HMD concentrated on its Super Resolution and Night Mode features. 

We’ll see whether they work however, they can’t be enough to make us notice what’s not working. In the Nokia G20, Nokia G20 had an ultrawide camera equipped with a 5MP sensor. it was not great or any other way however it did exist. The camera of the Nokia G21 (Nokia G21 review) has a macro camera and the depth sensor is located next to the main camera. 

We’d rather have an ultrawide camera or a wide-angle camera over one (or each) of the cameras anytime during the day. Another thing that’s not a complete upgrade would be the battery. Its capacity is 5,050 mAh. ample and HMD promises battery life for 3 days. It sounds fantastic and it is however, the G20 came with the same capacity and promised three hours between recharges. The real difference will be that it can support 18W fast charging (USB Power Delivery 3.0). 

It comes with a 10W charging port, therefore you’ll need to bring your own. Most likely, your existing 18W power source is but the 10W version is likely to be a stalemate in your drawer. If you don’t own the 18W charging option, this isn’t an upgrade option for you (not one that’s free and certainly not a free one). You’re in a different region it is possible that it could that the Nokia G21 may look underspecced in comparison to its cost or could among the very few phones priced below EUR200 that has the best battery and an actual commitment to support software by the company. If this is the case, check back to see how it did during our testing.

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