Motorola executive revealed its upcoming 125W charger

Motorola executive revealed its upcoming 125W charger. The latest flagships from Motorola include Edge 30 Pro and Edge 30 Pro and Edge 30 Ultra that are equipped with a speedy 68W rapid charging. The company seems to think that this isn’t enough and has come up with a quicker charger – one hundred and 125W. 


The charger was announced in the presence of Chen Jin, General Manager of the Lenovo Mobile Phone Business Department in China through his own Weibo page. The brick weighs only 130 grams, which is less than other chargers that have comparable speeds that are available. 

The race to offer higher-powered chargers that can reach 125W is getting hot and we’ve got at the very least five brands equipped with adapters that achieve those speeds or even greater speeds. 


Motorola executive revealed its upcoming 125W charger

An easy comparison shows that the Xiaomi brick weighs at 195 grams, while the adapter from vivo weighs 210 grams, and the rest of the ones available in the office are approximately the same size. A body that weighs just 130 grams from Motorola is awe-inspiring however, it shouldn’t surprise anyone since the company is adept at creating compact charging devices. 

The current 68W adapter weighs less than 100 grams.The more important question in the teaser is what kind of the phone this charger is made for. It is believed that the brand is working on a phone called Frontier that has a camera of 194MP and a battery that could be suited to push the limits of charging and also.

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